Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasound (UT) is also called ultrasonics, UT straight beam (longitudinal), UT shear wave, UT immersion testing, UT phased array and UTT for ultrasonic thickness. They are all essentially ultrasound, but in the NDT industry UTT, straight beam and shear wave are quick ways to define the type of inspector you are. When determining an inspector’s certification level, a UT shearwave weld inspector usually represents a well-versed technician in the art of ultrasonics. Longitudinal inspector is someone familiar with ultrasonics, but uses it for sending sound on a straight path and usually does not have much experience with the interaction of sound reflecting within metals or materials being inspected. A UTT inspector has usually undergone minimal training and is certified to utilize direct readout instrumentation for the thickness determination of metals. A good longitudinal or thickness technician does not constitute a shearwave inspector.

Feel free to download a PDF version explaining Ultrasonic Testing (UT) as it is used in the NDT industry.