Iron Re-Certification & Inspection

Aqualified is the preferred source of our industrial clients for precision on-site machining and welding. Our skilled technicians coupled with our specialized equipment enables us to accommodate any customer requirement, from planned maintenance or modernization to emergency break-downs regardless of industry. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, most responsive, and uniquely innovative on-site machining and shop services.


Aqualified provides manifold and flow line maintenance, repair, ultrasonic thickness testing, Liquid Penetrant, Mag-particle and Hydrostatic testing at whatever location you require to keep your iron working.

Aqualified’s inspection service is a complete program with highly trained and qualified personnel. We can provide inspections service in our shops or at your location. With our mobile inspection team, your down time is minimized, so you keep working.


Aqualified can inspect and repair virtually any component in your arsenal. From a quick thickness test to ensure you don’t have a corrosion problem to a complete valve overhaul or a recertification of your high-pressure flow iron, we can keep you in compliance and in business.

We provide a proprietary process that will repair your 3 and 4 inch plug valves after they are washed out beyond repair

Our repair station does it all. Save money by letting us inspect, rebuild, and test your flow iron. Just because it’s damaged, doesn’t mean you need to throw it away. Our certified NDT Level 3 technicians can develop inspection policies and procedures for you, and our certified Level 2 technicians can perform them. If you have your own Level 2 technicians, we can keep them trained and certified as well.

Our service areas include:


  • Plug Valve Upgrades
  • Industrial Repair
  • Machining
  • Fabrication
  • Welding (Common & Specialized)


Whether you use typical metal alloys or exotic ones, we offer the following repair options:


  • Heavy Equipment Repair
  • BOP & Valve Repair
  • Pressure Equipment Services
  • 1502, 1002, and 601 High Pressure


If you need iron recertification, we provide the following:


  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Hydrostatic reports
  • Thickness Testing
  • Testing of all parts
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Rebuilds

Rebuild And Re-Certification Facilities:

We provide complete asset management, rebuild and re-certification of all iron, such as swivel joints, pup joints, plug valves, check valves, relief valves and BOP’s. The proper management of these assets will keep you working safe and compliant with the various codes and regulations. Along with working, proper management of your assets will allow you to get the most life out of your equipment thereby maximizing your profits.

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