Auditing & Consulting

Don’t get caught out of compliance before your next big audit. Our Level III auditors are certified and experienced at setting up Aqualified NDT Auditing and Consulting programs. If you do not have a program, we can have you up and running in as little as one week. Our inspectors also offer personnel augmentation and NDI MT inspection shift support during extreme workload conditions.

We have experience organizing NDT programs and pre-auditing for well known corporations in the aviation, military, power generation and marine industries (shipyards). From aerospace – to nuclear work, we understand and execute the level of quality needed.

Aqualified also offers consulting services with our Level III experts. We send our team to your on-site location to answer questions, give opinions and to ultimately give guidance for your NDT projects. Our inspectors review what progress you have made, perform audits and give you suggestions to where you need to be. Below is a list of a few consulting services we provide:

  • Quality assurance and control consulting
  • Level III Services
  • Custom Kits
  • Plant and Pipeline Maintenance
  • Guidance on Lab maintenance and more!

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