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The five largest industries our inspectors cater to are the Manufacturing, Marine, Oil & Gas, Plants & Mills and Power Generation industries. With that said, Non-Destructive Testing can be incorporated into any and all industries – because we test metal. Take a look through our General Industries page to learn more about Structural Steel, Automotive, Cranes and Rigging, Hooks, Bolts and Welds. If you aren’t a part of any of the industries listed, give us a call. We aim to meet your needs and be your reliable Non-Destructive Testing company.

From structural steel assemblies to automotive parts, to cranes and rigging; Aqualified has the knowledge and expertise to cover all aspects of non destructive testing for any and every industry that’s listed in our General Industry page.

Aqualified NDT Industries - General
Aqualified NDT Industries - Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a diversified industry that utilizes Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to inspect their products for safety inconsistencies. Aqualified’s Level II & III certified NDT inspectors will inspect your products to ensure materials are up to reference standards.

When it comes to Maritime, Aqualified offers Nondestructive Inspection for the shipbuilding and submarine industries. Our personnel understand that Marine NDI takes an extra level of knowledge and expertise for the process to be successful.

Aqualified NDT
Aqualified NDT Industries - Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas Industry offers many instances where our Non-Destructive Testing expertise can keep your employees safe while preventing unforeseen expenses caused by faulty equipment.

Maintenance downtime offers a strategic opportunity to efficiently utilize NDT in plants and mills. Our skilled technicians conduct digital thickness testing to find material losses down to the thousandth of an inch.

NDT Industries - Plants and Mills
Aqualified NDT

Aqualified LLC has a ASME NQA-1  and 10CFR 50 Appendix B Compliant NDT program. We have provided support to the spent fuel storage programs, new construction, maintenance, refurbishment and life management.