X-ray Testing Atlanta

Aqualified X-ray Testing Company provides NDT Nondestructive Testing X-ray imaging on parts for the detection of failures and inconsistencies in materials.  Radiographic process include X-ray tube generation, Source Radiography, Digital Radiography and Computed Radiography.

Our X-ray inspection services are mobile and able to expedite to your job location.  We can manage your outsourced X-ray department or simply fill in during work overflow situations.  We have the tools and capacity to fuse with an assembly line to maintain production or set up in a parking lot to achieve your radiographic Inspections.

We have a staff of NDT Level II-III X-ray technicians ready to expedite to your job site or perform the inspection at our laboratory.  Our technicians undergo a minimum 80 hours of radiographic training and 40 hours of radiation safety.  With our team you get assurance your project will be done correctly the first time.

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Common uses of NDT X-ray include:

Aviation (RT) Radiography, Aircraft Wing X-ray, Aircraft Fuselage, Pipe X-ray Inspection, Tube inspection, Weld X-ray, Concrete X-ray, Satellite X-ray, Wheel X-ray, Tire X-ray, Switch X-ray, Fire debris X-ray, Evidence X-ray, Metal failure X-ray, Composite Radiography, Steel X-ray, Aluminum X-ray.

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