Radiation Safety Training

A common question is What is an IRRSP examination and what is a state card, and where can I get one?  When speaking of radiography and radiation safety an IRRSP card for nondestructive testing is a card nationally recognized in the United states to comply with federal requirements for an individual that is operating a radioactive source for the purpose of NDI nondestructive inspections.  An IRRSP is usually only required when using a live radioactive source such as Ir-192 Iridium or Co-60 Cobalt.  Although an IRRSP card is available for X-ray tubes being used in nondestructive examinations, most state usually only require minimum training and not an IRRSP or state license card in order to operate an X-ray  tube.

Both cards are usually valid for 5 years  per Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)  guidelines as set forth in Title 10, Part 34, of the Code of Federal Regulations and require a hands on practical examination to be effective.  A state card is a card only recognized for the specific state and it usually cannot be utilized nationally.  Some neighboring states do have agreements to accept each other’s cards but reciprocity limitations usually hinder the amount of days which one can operate radiography in that neighboring state.  A radiographer’s card is usually acceptable for multiple isotopes and sources if the appropriate practical examination is administered.

Aqualified NDT company provides training for radiographer assistants, IRRSP preparatory classes and  NDT 40 hr Nondestructive Testing Radiation Safety Training classes at your facility or ours.  Other Nondestructive Inspection classes include CT computed radiography, 40 hr Radiography level 1, 40 hr Radiography Level 2, designing a dark room, Film interpretation, Automatic Processor Maintenance and Calibration.

Level I-II-III NDT Nondestructive Testing Classes follow the guidelines of SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410, CP-189, MIL-STD-410, NAVSEA T9074-AS-GIB-010/271.  NDT courses may be altered to spend extra time on ASME, ASTM E 94, ASTM E 1742, AWS standards or for castings, welds, forgings, aviation parts or composites.

Safety In Radiography

Topics covered in Radiation Safety Include:

  • Types of Radiation and which beach is the most radioactive.
  • Exposure and Effects to children, pregnant woman and operators.
  • Controlling Exposure ALARA keeping yourself and the general public out of harm’s way.
  • Distance making sure your goods are far enough away.
  • Shielding why Homer Simpsons radiations suite will not help you in NDI.
  • Radiation Detection
  • Radiation Survey Instruments why the movies always use the noise radiation Geiger counter for effects.
  • Survey Requirements/Techniques ensuring you maintain a safe environment and control at all times.
  • Personnel Monitoring Devices Film badges VS TLD’s and which scale is necessary for a dosimeter.
  • Radiographic Equipment
  • State and Federal Regulations
  • Companies Operating/Emergency Procedures and federal and sate requirements
  • Handling/Securing of Sources
  • Personnel Responsibilities

All of our classes come equipped with humor and personality.  Our goal is to engage our students even when covering serious life threatening issues like safety in radiography.  The fact is Hollywood is always a great source of what not to do in the real world and it is easy to relate to a famous cartoon like the Simpsons when discussing radiation safety.  No one wants Homer Simpson on their job site but sadly history shows Homer is inside of us all and that is why we show the Pizza slides.  If you’ve never seen the pizza slides; trust us when we say, you won’t want to eat Pizza for a few days.

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