Magnetic Iron Powder Blower

The common usage of the NDI “Nondestructive Inspections” magnetic red dry particle for application is a puffer overly squeezed to cover the entire part with dry particle followed by excessive puffing to remove the extraordinary amount of dry particle applied to the part.  The over application is usually cause by one key detail when using a puffer with a magnetic head such as the PB-1 by Parker NDT Equipment-Parker Research Corporation.  The inspector has not read the back of the applicator bottle.  This is very evident when the inspector is shaking the applicator which does nothing for application other than to cause bad coverage and waste of particles.

So, how do you use the PB-1 Correctly?

A properly qualified certified dry magnetic particle NDT level II-III inspector uses the PB-1 Applicator from parker by filling it to the top of the fill line which is at approximately 75% full and not the top of the bottle.  Before squeezing the bottle you ensure that the magnet at the head is loaded by putting the bottle upside down then putting it right side up, then you place the bottle perfectly horizontally with the holes on the red cap at the top or 12 o’clock position.  The bottle is not intended to be used face down because you will block the holes needed to blow air past the magnet.  Once the bottle is perfectly horizontal you give the bottle a squeeze for a controlled reproducible puff cloud.   If too much powder comes out you adjust the knob on the applicator head to reduce the amount of powder that is puffed out.

The PB-1 magnetic handheld blower provides reliable and controlled application of Magnetic Inspection Powder to all areas including horizontal, vertical and overhead.  If used correctly this applicator drastically reduces waste and time of inspection for the ndt company and customer.  It adds the extra control needed in dry particle to make the inspection more reliable and reproducible.

The Instructions of Magnetic Powder Blower Model PB-1 are on the back of the bottle and read as such:

When using in the down position:

Hold blower with head name plate and (3) screen holes up at the 12 o’clock position and the bottle held horizontal.  Tilt blower to approximately 20 degrees and float powder across work.

Mag Blower (MT)

What the instructions do not tell you is that you should put the blower upside down then right side up then horizontal with the three holes at the 12 o’clock position, in order to get consistent reproducible blows.  You are essentially loading the magnet between each squeeze.  The art of holding it perfectly at 20 degrees and having the magnet reload itself is an art requiring practice.  To receive 20-32 hrs of MT training and education by an ASNT NDT Level III in Magnetic Particle about how to operate a dry magnetic particle inspection properly with a yoke, prods, coil wrap, or fixed coil give Aqualified NDT a call.  To have a part NDT Nondestructive Tested with dry magnetic particle or to provide OJT on the job training Aqualified would like to be your NDT advocates of choice.

General, Specific, and practical Magnetic particle examinations are available in accordance with SNT-TC-1A-NAS-410-NAVSEA.  NDT guidance and education is available in the operation of Wet horizontal Benches and portable equipment both fluorescent and Visible.  When performing magnetic particle you will need some of the following equipment.  Pie gage, gauss meter, qqi-shim, castrol strip, mag bath, powder, blower, applicator, puffer or blower, black light, 100 fc white light, CBC central bar conductor, light meter, calibrated unit, hall effect probe, concentration test, dead weight check.  If you are performing MT Magnetic Particle or are getting MT done give us a call.

At Aqualified NDT Laboratory we want you to call us with the confidence that we know NDT and have a solid Quality assurance program to support your specific NDT inspection needs.  On a moments notice we can provide you with an NDT magnetic particle level 2-3 technician On-site or at our facility to get your inspection done correctly the first time.

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