Nondestructive Testing NDT Level III

Nondestructive Level III

A Nondestructive Testing NDT Level III in most countries is an NDE Level III.  NDE stands for Nondestructive Testing Engineer.  In the US, most NDT Level III’s are Level II’s who became Level III’s per a standard that allows a Level II to become a Level III with 4 years of experience.

As you will see from reading the Level III descriptions below, a lot of knowledge is usually required to be considered an NDT Level III and, in the US, it is often accepted that an ASNT Level III is someone who has achieved a higher level of education from a Level II making them somewhat similar to an NDE.

Per SNT-TC-1A or NAS-410, an individual can become an in-house Level III for their specific company.  This allows them to perform the following duties without an engineering degree or becoming an ASNT Level III.  This is a service that Aqualified LLC can provide for companies choosing to qualify and certify their technicians to a Level III.

NDT Level III Defined per SNT-TC-1A Recommended Practice

An NDT Level III should be capable of developing, qualifying, and approving procedures; establishing and approving techniques; interpreting codes, standards, specifications, and procedures; and designating the particular NDT methods, techniques and procedures to be used.  The NDT Level III should be responsible for the NDT operations for which qualified and assigned and should be capable of interpreting and evaluating results in terms of existing codes, standards, and specifications.  The NDT Level III should have sufficient practical background in applicable materials, fabrication, and product technology to establish techniques and to assist in establishing acceptance criteria when none are otherwise available.

NDT Level 3 Responsibilities Defined per NAS-410 Standard

  • Have the skills and knowledge to interpret codes, standards, and other contractual documents that control the NDT method and used by the NDT Company.
  • Assume technical responsibility for the NDT Company.
  • Select the appropriate method and technique for an NDT inspection.
  • Prepare and verifying the adequacy of an NDT procedure, work instructions and written practice.
  • Approve NDT procedures and work instruction technical adequacy.
  • Have a general knowledge of other NDT methods, product manufacturing and inspection technology used by the company performing NDT.
  • Provide training, examination and certification of personnel.
  • Conduct NDT for the acceptance of parts.
  • Audit outside agencies to ensure the requirements of the written practice are met.

When you look at the two most popular qualifications and certification procedures in the U.S. it is easy to see why a Level III is usually an engineer.  The level of responsibility and the degree of knowledge required to manage the NDT program correctly requires someone with great technical aptitude.

A responsible Level III or a Primary Level III is a Level III designated by the company to ensure the compliance of their qualification and certification program and to act on their behalf in matters regarding the NDT program.  This can be assisted by an NDT outside agency, such as Aqualified LLC.  To make us your corporate responsible NDT Level III give us a call!

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