NDT Level I

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

X-ray Training

A Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Level I is technically an inspector in training to become an NDT Level II.  The key purpose of classroom training a Level I technician is to provide the knowledge of the capabilities of the NDT method which they are attending class for.  This includes covering the basics of all of the techniques within that method so they are capable of knowing the limitations of the specific method which they are using.  The purpose of the supervised OJT on-the-job training is for the NDT technician to master the technique which will be used at the specific facility.

NDT Level I Defined per SNT-TC-1A Recommended Practice

Level I individual should be qualified to properly perform specific calibrations, specific NDT, and specific evaluations for acceptance or rejection determinations according to written instructions and to record results. The NDT Level I should receive the necessary instruction and supervision from a certified NDT Level II or III individual.

NDT Level 1 Defined per NAS-410 Standard

Be able to follow work instructions

have the skills and knowledge to process parts, document results and perform equipment standardization in accordance with approved work instructions.

Receive guidance or supervision from a certified NDT Level 2 or 3 in that specific method

Not all training classes are equal and not all instructors are properly qualified or certified to instruct in NDT.  Choosing the wrong facility to provide your NDT training and NDT certification could actually cause you to have to re-train or test everyone at your facility.  Make sure you consider current and potential future requirements when selecting an NDT training institution.

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