ASME Section V Article 6

ASME Section V  Article 6

Aqualified NDT Services provides Liquid Penetrant Examinations per ASME Section V, Article 6.  Both Color contrast (Visible) and Fluorescent are available.  In order to perform a liquid penetrant examination per ASME the inspector should be a Qualified and Certified NDT Level 2 or higher.

Clean surfaces in the as welded, as cast, as rolled or as forged condition may be easily inspected by an adjustment of the sensitivity level per the applicable finish.  Porous finishes will require a lower sensitivity liquid penetrant than smooth surfaces which will accept a high sensitivity rating for the inspection.

Dye penetrant testing is typically performed at ambient temperature but may be performed at extreme temperatures with special chemicals.  To schedule your next Liquid Penetrant examination contact us and see how responsive we are to your needs.

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