Aviation Optical Prisms & Larascope

Optical Prisms Services & Training

Optical prisms identify chips, gouges, cracks, delaminations & separation of plies.

Aqualified LLC provides on-site window acrylic inspections and aircraft window inspection qualification classes to train your A&P and NDI level II visual inspectors to properly utilize a larascope or optical prism per SNT-TC-1A or NAS-410.  Available classes include ultrasonic thickness for aircraft windows.

To schedule one of the following give us a call.

  1. Pre-buy, pre-purchase optical prism or larascope inspection.
  2. Second opinion optical prism or larascope inspection.
  3. Learjet emergency exit, cabin windows or pilot and co-pilot windshields.
  4. Canadair optical prism inspection.
  5. Optical prism training class.
  6. Ultrasonic Thickness Testing and optical prism post window repair inspection.
  7. Windshield bird strike inspection including xray, optical prism and ultrasound.
  8. Acrylic polishing post inspection.

Things one must be cautious about when using an optical prism for the nondestructive inspection of aircraft windows include:

  1. Ensuring the aircraft window is clean enough you can eat off of before you start.  If not, the likelihood of scratching the window goes up exponentially.
  2. Making sure the larascope or optical prism is equally spotless.  If you do not take this step, the likelihood of leaving a scratch around the entire window is high.
  3. Use the appropriate optical prism angle and fluid.
  4. Ensure the hangar is in subdued lighting.  It is best to perform this check at night.
  5. Ensure you have an adequate lighting source for the prism, a focused light is better than a flood.
  6. Walk the optical prism from side to side around each fastener making sure to achieve a good visual angle behind the fastener and above and below.  Some aircraft manuals may require you to observe the reflection from the upper or lower surface.
  7. Slow down and take extra time to perform the inspection especially on window corners.

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