Aviation (UT) Ultrasound

Ultrasonic Aircraft Inspection

Bondtesting Composite Leading Edge

Ultrasound testing in aviation is predominantly used for ultrasonic dimensional thickness of skin structures and windows, including disbond inspections and shearwave wing lug crack inspections.

Aqualified LLC can provide on-site Ultrasound NDT inspections and training for NDT Level II inspectors and A & P’s performing thickness testing or ultrasonic tests.  Ultrasound is beneficial for flaw detection at various depths when you only have access to one side of the component.  Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Waspalloy, and Inconel are common aircraft materials inspected with Ultrasound.

Subultrasound testing includes bondtesting inspections for metal to metal and metal to core inspections.  Ultrasound instrumentation is portable and may be operated under any weather conditions.  The primary consumable of the process is the couplant which may be water or oil depending on the application.

Our aviation Ultrasound NDT Level II inspectors are qualified and certified in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410 and ASNT.  Common defects found with Ultrasound include shrinkage, stringers, delaminations and disbonds on composite and bonded structures, porosity, hot tears, air pockets, lack of fusion, lack of penetration, incomplete penetration, incomplete fusion, inclusions, thickness and corrosion verification.

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