Aviation (MT) Magnetic Particle

Magnetic Particle Testing

Our NDT laboratory is ready to accept your Learjet engine mounts, torque tubes, bolts and break assemblies for Magnetic Particle inspection. Our inspectors are versed in Multi-directional, Stationary Machines, Portable Machines HWDC and FWDC. Aqualified LLC is also capable of developing your aircraft Magnetic Particle techniques and providing training. Field services include a portable 10’ X 10’ dark room to perform your fluorescent Magnetic Particle inspections on the line or within your fully operational hangar.

Aircraft Magnaflux Inspection

Although Magnaflux is a name brand, many A&P mechanics call magnetic particle a magnaflux check. Unfortunately, this causes lots of problems because magnaflux check is used to describe both liquid penetrant and magnetic particle nondestructive testing. For aerospace crack detection the preferred method is fluorescent magnetic particle which is performed with a black light in a darkened environment. The inspector must perform the inspection to a written procedure which is usually the aircraft manual or an ASTM standard which must be accompanied by an internal written procedure which must be approved by an NDT Level III. For most aerospace programs the NDT level III must be an NAS-410 NDT level III and the inspector should be qualified and certified to a Level II per NAS-410. Under many applications an A & P designation will not qualify a mechanic to perform the NDT inspection.

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