Aviation (FPI) Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Aviation (PT) Fluorescent Penetrant

Aviation Liquid Penetrant

Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant of aircraft components is a staple in the NDT business and in aviation is usually performed to a Level 3 or higher sensitivity.  When performing liquid penetrant on aircraft visible red dye liquid penetrant is a four letter word.  It should not be used and when it is, it tends to create some undesired consequences.  If this is news to you and you are performing liquid penetrant, we encourage you to sign up for a Liquid Penetrant training course for Level I-II NDT technicians or A&P’s taught by one of our NAS-410 and ASNT Level III’s.

Fluorescent penetrant or penetration test ndt on in service aircraft in the united states should be performed by an approved FAA Certified Repair Station in Nondestructive Testing such as Aqualified LLC.  FAA Certified Repair Station #1QLR345C

Liquid penetrant is a good inspection process for the detection of surface breaking flaws on metal, plastics, ceramics and other non-porous materials.  Common flaws located with liquid penetrant include cracks, fractures, weld discontinuities, fatigue

cracks, porosity, skin corrosion on forged parts, engines, welds, pressure vessels and valves.  For aerospace, the most

Liquid Penetrat Test of Blades

common use is engine components such as turbine blades and marking the ends of cracks or spot checking.

Common terms for Liquid Penetrant include Penetration Testing, Dye testing, LPI Liquid Penetran Inspection, FPI Fluoresecent Penetrant Testing, PT and Magnaflux check.  They all essentially represent the NDT method called Liquid Penetrant which is covered in the following procedures.  AMS 2644, AMS 2647, ASTM-E-1417, ASTM-E-165, AECL, MIL-I-25135, MIL-STD-271 E, MIL-STD 6866, Navships 250-1500, Pratt & Whitney FPM, RDT-F3-6T, Rolls Royce, BAC 5423, NAVAIR 01-230HLH-6-3.

Magnaflux Chemicals commonly used in the process are ZL-19, ZL-60D, ZL-67, ZL-56, ZL-27A, ZL-37.  Other brands include sherwin, Met-L-check.

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