Aviation (ET) Eddy Current

Aviation Eddy Current

Aircraft Eddy Current inspections include

Aircraft Eddy Current inspections include
High frequency surface crack detection
Low Frequency Subsurface detection
Low Frequency Multi Layer detection
Bolt Hole Inspection crack verification and detection
Wheel bead seat inspection
Edge crack verification
Crack progression verification
Marking the beginning and end of cracks
Finding cracks around fasteners
Skin corrosion detection
Eddy current Ferrous weld inspection
Paint thickness verification
Alloy sorting
Heat treating verification
Fire damage of conductive material verification
Titanium Crack and Flaw detection
Aluminum Crack and Flaw detection
Iron Crack and Flaw detection
Stainless Steel Crack and Flaw detection
Inconel Crack and Flaw detection
Nickel Crack and Flaw detection.

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